Stronger movie review by Chuck the Movieguy

Stronger movie review by Chuck the Movieguy

Stronger movie review by Chuck the Movieguy

Out in theaters is Stronger starring Jake Gyllenhaal and the single greatest actress in the history of the world Tatiana Maslany. If you dont believe me watch the TV series Orphan Black and you will soon agree with me.
Now that is not saying anything against Jake, I mean, he is Jake Gyllenhaal. If you have seen any movie starring Jake, you do not have to explain.
Stronger is the true real life story of Jeff Bauman a Costco chicken roaster who is at the finish line of the 2013 Boston marathon where his ex-girlfriend play by Tatiana is running.

The bomb goes off and Jeff loses both his legs and he wakes up in the hospital.
The first thing Jeff does is write down on a piece of paper that he saw the bombers, creating a manhunt and Jeff becomes a symbol of hope to the city of Boston.

This is not a story of the marathon bombing itself but Jeff’s personal story of recovery and the demons that he deals with as he tries to move on with his life.
In fact we do not see the actual details of the bombing until the end of the movie when Jeff is ready to look back on the event.

A dash of humor here in there keep the story from being too nerve-racking to watch.
Half the time I wanted to reach into the screen and smack around his family, especially his mother brilliantly played by Miranda Richardson who seemed to be enjoying Jeff’s newfound fame when he wants nothing to do with it.
There is a scene right after the bombing at the hospital where Jeff’s boss from Costco shows up with some papers and let me tell you it is the single greatest advertising plug in the history of movies! I wanted to quit my high-paying gig as a film critic and go work for Costco. With tears streaming down my face I vowed to never shop anywhere but Costco. Wait till you see it.
The first thought in my mind was picturing the brass at Walmart watching it and going… CRAP!
Actually I cried pretty much throughout this entire film there’s some real tough moments during flashback scenes an elevator freak out a simple scene where his girlfriend opens the dresser full of socks as you realize he does not need them anymore.

Definitely not the feel good movie of the year. Its a slow grind with a lot of the film being uncomfortable to watch.
However the outstanding amazing acting performances by pretty much everybody here makes it a worthwhile film.

It takes a while to get there and I didn’t think this guy was ever going to make it.

Huge A from me!

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