Battle of the Sexes mishap!

Battle of the sexes mishap

Battle of the Sexes mishap

Traveled over one hour to the 7:30pm Pittsburgh screening of Battle of the Sexes.
Arrived at 6:45pm.
At 7:35pm they announced that there was a “problem” with the encryption key and the entire movie needed to be downloaded again and it would not be ready until at least 8:00pm.
Now this is the 3rd time in about 3 weeks that there has been a problem with a screening and or key and every time they gave an estimate, its always been 15-30 minutes longer than they say.
I quickly did the math. The movie is two hours and one minute long so even if they could start at 8:00pm it would be over at 10pm and I would not get home till after 11.
Sorry. Chuck the Movieguy out.
I decided to trust my instincts about this problematic theater and go home.
I hate wasting my time.
I will check this out when it is released and let you know.

-Chuck the Movieguy